Thermo Alert

Thermo Alert monitors fresh produce or frozen food temperatures of a refrigerated  trailer. It has two independent sensors, that measure the top and bottom temperatures within the refrigerated chamber.  This dual-channel measurement provides high system reliability and accurate temperature monitoring. Air temperatures on the cold room floor tend to be colder and heavier. To account for this, the bottom sensor sets the lower limit alarm, which leaves the higher temperatures at the higher location to activate the upper limit. When either of these temperatures exceeds their limits, a visual (LED light) alarms the off limits conditions.

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  • Two identical temperature sensors measure (bottom and top) temperatures of the monitored chamber
  • Temperature Range:
       Frozen Food –20 F to 10 F
       Medium Temp 33 F to 45 F
  • Six feet of outdoor cable to be extended as needed
  • Flame retardant ABS plastic Enclosure with mounting feet screw-on base
  • 9/12 V DC operation voltage
  • Output for Telephone Auto- dialer & Alarm
  • LED alert flashing light warning with optional 120 dB Piezo Siren

The two identical sensors are six feet long and simultaneously monitor temperatures in two locations. They can be extended up to 50 feet. The power requirement for unit operation is less than 150 mA at 12 VDC. Thermo Alert system can be self-sufficient using an optional internal battery and a solar panel.

An output is provided to activate a telephone auto-dialer or an additional warning sign. The auto-dialer is ideal for use at remote sites or infrequently accessed locations, as well as during non-working hours when no one is nearby to monitor possible refrigeration system breakdowns.

High and low temperature limits are set for both frozen food (- 20 F to 10 F) and medium (33 F to 45 F) temperature produces at the factory. These limits can be adjusted at site by calibrating four internal impedance dials. The temperature range is selectable via a  selector switch inside the controller box. A green LED lights indicate fresh produce or frozen food operation modes.

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