Indirect Solar Storage Tank

The Indirect solar water heater is decorated with a copper tubing (120' of 5/8" I.D. tube) wrapped around and secured to the tank. Its double wall, vented design is for positive leak detection and is foamed in place with R-Foam for high efficiency.  This solar heat exchanger storage tank is designed for closed loop solar systems.

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In a typical solar water heating system, an Auxiliary (A2) relay can divert surplus heat to another tank or operate an auxiliary heater for boosting the tank temperature. The advanced differential controller should be used for the above configuration. 

Brass drain valve
Choice of two models…storage tank or
single element water heater, both specially equipped for installation with residential direct solar systems
Patented R-Foam insulation process

Special threaded stud located near the
outlet for attachment of tank sensors
Temperature and pressure relief valve
Collector feed and return fittings located at
front of tank for convenient installation
Isolated tank design for better heat
High efficiency heating element
® tank lining resists corrosion and prolongs tank life
Cold water inlet brings cold water to tank
bottom to prevent mixing with heated water
Anode rod equalizes aggressive water
action for prolonged tank life
Cold water inlet, hot water outlet, relief
valve and anode rod at top of tank for easy access and fast, economical installation
Automatic temperature control
Over temperature protector

6-Year Limited Tank and Parts Warranty*
*See Residential Warranty Information Brochure for
complete warranty information.


Diameter [INCH]


Height [INCH]

Approx. Ship Wt. [Lbs.]





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