Solar System Trouble Shooting

VM solar heating systems are renowned for their quality, longevity and simplicity. A system that has been sized correctly in the design process should be very low maintenance; requiring service only once every few years.


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An 'F' reading on controller LCD display
  • Loose connections on sensor leads
  • Faulty sensor
  • Collector sensor at maximum
  • Check sensor wires for connection
  • Replace sensor
  • No action required
Pump will not run
  • Power wiring faulty
  • Pump rotor damaged
  • The pump control selector P is in manual 'OFF' position
  • TC incorrectly set
  • TC and DT not satisfied
  • Check wiring and fuses
  • See pump manufacturers instructions
  • Check controller unit and return pump control P to automatic mode 'AUT'
  • Reset to 25°C
  • No action required
Pump runs continuously
  • Collector temperature is below TF temperature
  • Loose connection or faulty sensor on the collector
  • Collector temperature at maximum
  • No action required TF flashes
  • Check connections and sensor wires
  • No action required
No circulation in system
  • Pump isolating valves closed
  • Automatic air-vent closed
  • Air lock at pressure relief valve
  • Air lock in the system
  • Non-return valve jammed
  • Pump is not running
  • System in stagnation
  • Open valves
  • Open aut. air-vent and check condition - replace if necessary
  • Twist cap at pressure relief valve and vent air
  • Flush the solar loop 
  • Free valve or replace
  • See above
  • Wait until system reaches normal operating conditions
Pressure drops in system
  • Leak at manifold
  • Leak in system
  • Drain/filling valve not closed
  • Aut. air-vent passing water
  • Faulty pressure relief valve
  • Damaged expansion vessel causes pressure fluctuation and relief valve to open
  • Check manifold compression fetting for leaks tighten if necessary
  • Check all joints
  • Close fully
  • Clean or replace if necessary
  • Replace
  • Replace
  • Pump does not run
  • Prolonged period of low hot water consumption
  • See above
  • Divert heat to heat sink
Performance loss
  • Broken tubes
  • Damaged insulation
  • Build up of lime stone around heat exchanger tube condenser
  • Replace broken tubes (because of diode function of tube replacement does not have to be done immedi-ately)
  • Replace damaged parts
  • Drain and clean system thoroughly

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