SHC Mini-Tank Electric Water Heater

Solar Energy will be collected and stored in a storage tank and then used as needed. Backup for a solar water heating system can be electric, gas, or wood stove. If hot water demands exceed the solar water heater supply; the instantaneous water heater delivers additional hot water. This maintains the balance between energy collected and energy consumption.

SHC saves space - The SHC mini tank frees up precious space while providing plenty of hot water for hand washing or kitchen type applications. Why store 30 or more gallons of hot water when 4 gallons are sufficient for the job?

SHC saves water and electricity - By putting the hot water right where it is needed, you can reduce pipe runs from a central hot water tank. This reduces the use of water and energy. The smaller tank coupled with good insulation also reduces the stand-by losses in comparison with larger tank type water heaters.

Installation is quick - The unit installs right under or near the sink. Lightweight and compact, the SHC mounts to the wall (bracket included). Once it is filled with water, simply plug it into a 110-120V outlet. With only a 10 amp. current draw, no special wiring is required.

Quality product - Stiebel Eltron is known for high quality products - the SHC is no exception. The unit offers a six year warranty on the tank, two years on all other components of the unit.

  • 6-year warranty on tank
  • Glass-lined tank

  • Wall mounted

  • Plugs into standard 110-volt outlet
110 - 120
 Nominal water volume
Gal / L 
3.96 / 15
 Weight empty
Lbs / kg 
22 / 10
Inch / cm 
18.19 / 46.2
Inch / cm 
12.28 / 31.2
Inch / cm 
12.28 / 31.2
 Maximum operating pressure
PSI / Bar 
150 / 10
 Maximum adjustable temperature
°F / °C 
171° / 77°
 Recovery time
 Water connections
1/2" NPT
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