DHC Tankless Electric Waters Heaters

Solar Energy will be collected and stored in a storage tank and then used as needed. Backup for a solar water heating system can be electric, gas, or wood stove. If hot water demands exceed the solar water heater supply; the instantaneous water heater delivers additional hot water. This maintains the balance between energy collected and energy consumption.

The STIEBEL ELTRON DHC tankless water heaters are designed for installation at the point of use. They heat water instantaneously as it flows through the unit. Stand-by losses are completely eliminated.

The heating elements are controlled by a flow switch and by an exclusive scald-guard thermostat, which keeps the water temperature within safe limits at all times. In addition, the DHC water heaters are equipped with a safety high-limit with manual reset. The rugged all copper design ensures many years of reliable service.

The models DHC 3-1, DHC 3-2 and DHC 4-2 are shipped with 0.5 GPM pressure compensating flow reducer/aerators that fit on most faucets. Flow controls and faucet aerators are highly recommended in conjunction with tankless water heaters.
DHC Inside

The STIEBEL ELTRON DHC tankless water heaters are ideal for restrooms or kitchenettes in an office or commercial/industrial setting:

Office Buildings
Gas Stations
Commercial Condominiums
Manufacturing Facilities

In a residential setting, they are suited for the following applications:

Bathroom Sinks
Kitchen Sinks
Laundry Areas
Small Cabins

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