Solar Storage Tank

Solar Energy will be stored while solar resources are available and will be used when it is needed. A well built and insulated storage tank maintains the balance between energy collected and energy consumption.

Following solar water heating storage tanks are built on the foundation of quality and good engineering features. The combination of efficiency and high recovery rate rewards owners of following solar tanks with both energy savings and of undisrupted Hot Water use.

Solar Tank Without
Heat Exchanger

The direct solar storage tank is specifically designed to provide direct circulation of potable water utilizing the solar collector system directly into the storage tank. These tanks are also used to accommodate external heat exchangers for indirect solar water heating systems.
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The indirect solar storage tank is designed for the indirect exchange of heat (closed loop systems) through a heat exchange that is wrapped around and secured to the storage tank.
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Solar Tank With One
Heat Exchanger

Solar Tank With Two Heat Exchangers

Twin-coil tanks are suitable for radiant heating systems, optimizing solar gain, and boiler backup (gas, wood stove, or oil) heating systems. 
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