Recirculation Loop for Office Buildings

With this design, an array of  VM Evacuated Heat Pipe tubes is introduced into the return leg of the building’s hot water riser.  Water returning to the hot water storage tank will be heated by the array of collectors when solar energy is available. The simplicity of the Assisted Recirculation Loop system and its low installation costs makes the deployment of solar energy in office buildings attractive.

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  • The PV Panel establishes that solar energy is available and turns on the solar pump.

  • The pump circulates heat transfer liquid in the solar loop to be heated by the collector.

  • When no more solar energy is available, the pump stops.

  • Since water circulates only through the well-insulated collector manifold (equivalent to ¾ copper pipe with R-10.8) and a very short diverting loop, there are no significant heat losses in the manifold and solar loop system. 





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