Active Solar Space and Pool Heating Systems


A Closed Loop system can be used to link domestic hot water (DHW), space heating, and swimming pool to the same collector. It is normal to include domestic hot water in any multiple application as it is a year round requirement.

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Example of a Multiple Application Custom Design:

When plumbing a swimming pool or spa heat exchanger a bypass should be included. This is to avoid putting too much back-pressure on the pool/spa pump.


Summer Operation: Winter Operation
  • The solar collector heats the solar storage tank through the bottom coil in the tank.
  • When the tank reaches 135ºF, zone valves switch the flow to the pool heat exchanger.
  • When the temperature at the tank bottom coil falls below 120ºF, the flow is directed back.
  • Backup is provided for the DHW by the electric heating element (17). 
  • The pool is winterized and the radiant heating valve on the solar loop side is on. 
  • When the water in the storage tank reaches 130ºF: the radiant  system will draw collector heat
  • If the radiant system is not calling for heat, the temperature in the tank will continue to rise until the high limit temperature is reached and the discharge valve (6) will discharge excessive heat
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