Solar Pool Collectors

Strategically placed slots in the webbing of Ecosun Collectors prevent moisture buildup under the collector to preserve the life of the roof. Furthermore, they allow pressure relief during high winds.  These features are unique to Ecosun and combines all the strength and performance of a full collector with the benefit of wind load protection and moisture ventilation for your roof.

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Ecosun Collectors have been designed from over twenty years of experience in the manufacturing of solar heating equipment. They have undergone extensive testing resulting in performance certification by accredited independent laboratories and approval agencies. Performance rated at over 1,000 BTU's per square foot (low temperature, no wind) by the Florida Solar Energy Center.

The Collectors are generally mounted on the roof but can be mounted on a ground rack. Using the pool pump, water is circulated through the hundreds of specially designed channels in the solar collectors. Pool water is heated in the high performance Ecosun Solar Collectors and returned to the pool through your existing piping.

Every situation is different and the final responsibility for conforming with local regulations, design and installation of a system lies with the designer/installer/owner.

We strongly recommend that a qualified engineer designs and accepts responsibility for Solar Pool Heating Systems
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