Miami Solar Water Heating Package

Solar system for milder climates with P.V. pump start-up



  • 20 VM tubes

  • One MAZ 2-20 S Manifold with Slope Roof Racks

  • One Roma Valve

The Miami Package is suitable for mild and moderate climates. This system is suggested for locations where there is no risk of freezing. Freeze protection can be provided by a freeze protection drip valve that will allow water to leak out by the collector at low temperatures introducing warmer water to the collector loop. The system operates at standard 80 PSI line pressure.



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20 Tube VM VM Collector

1. Solar Collector 5. Tempering Valve 9. Circulating Pump
2. Manual Air Valve 6. Collector Return 10. Roma Valve
3. Hot Water to Taps 7.Collector Supply 11. DHW Electric Tank
4.Cold Feed 8. Non Return Valve 12. Immersion Heater


  • City water enters the storage tank at line pressure, filling the collector through isolation valves and solar pump.

  • The PV Panel establishes that solar energy is available and turns on the solar pump.

  • The pump circulates water from the tank to be heated by the collector.

  • When no more solar energy is available, the pump stops.

  • An optional freeze protection drip valve will allow water to drip from the system if the temperature approaches freezing.

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