Closed Loop for Industrial Installations

The commerical and industrial thermal solar system is wholly dependent on sound design and installation knowledge. Contact VM today to discuss the design process.

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VM Solar Collectors create a reasonably constant heat rise across the collector and require a reasonably constant heat loss for which to supplement. For example if the supply to the collector was 60ºF and the return 73ºF, at a supply of 160ºF the return would be close to 173ºF. This means that we cannot put both high temperature and low temperature applications in series on the collector loop. The low temperature application would drag down the high one. With high temperature applications, where Vacuum Collectors excel, the collector loop should be dedicated to that application until it is satisfied
For larger hot water installations, e.g. hotels, motels, hospitals, car washes, office blocks etc., two or more tanks can be connected in series. This arrangement allows for a fast recovery on the primary tank and excellent overall efficiency.

1. Storage Tank 3. Cold Feed       5. Supply and Return to Collector         
2. Preheat Tank 4. Mixing Valve 6. Hot Water Out



  • Hot water from the collector passes through the coil in tank (1).
  • Then, depending on it's temperature, it is diverted by a three way valve (4) to either:
    • the coil in tank (2) if it is above the set temperature, (meaning tank (1) is hot) or
    • the collector, if it is below the set temperature of the mixing valve.
  • Preheated water from tank (2) is drawn into tank (1) .
  • System backup can be by any conventional means.

Commercial and Industrial Design Considerations

  • This system can be expanded to include any number of preheat tanks, with their heat exchange coils linked by three way valves, and the water to be heated running in series through the tanks in the opposite direction.
  • The three way valve (4) can either be thermally operated (controlled by the temperature of the water only) or an electrically operated three-way valve.
  • No more than 100 tubes should be plumbed in series. Care must be taken when designing the pipe work between the collectors that each section receives equal flow



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