Drain Back Solar Water Heating Systems
Pools and Spas Heating


An excellent application for Solar Thermal Energy is heating pools and spas. In mild and moderate climates the pool/spa pump can be utilized to circulate the water through the collector. In extreme climates a closed loop system should be used, with the bypass described here.


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drainb2.gif (4144 bytes)

1. Solar Collector 4. Collector Supply 7. Pool/Spa Circulating Pump
2. Vacuum Breaker 5. Globe Valve (Bypass) 8. Motorized Valve
3. Collector Return 6. Supply from Pool/Spa 9. Return to Pool/Spa
  • A Differential Temperature Controller establishes that heat is available from the collector (1) and rotates the three way valve (8) directing the flow towards the collector.
  • Pool/Spa water is heated as it circulates through the collector.
  • There would be too much back pressure on the pump if all of the flow went through the collector, so a proportion is allowed to bypass the collector through a globe valve (5).
  • When no more heat is available from the collector, the controller rotates the three way valve to direct the flow away from the collector and to the pool/spa.
  • Air enters the system through the vacuum breaker (2) as the water in the collector drains back into the pool/spa.
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Excellent freeze protection, even in a power outage.
  • Simple installation with few components. The existing pump drives the system.
  • Care must be taken to plumb the supply and return so that they will drain back.


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