VM Collector Dimensions

We offer 20 or 30 tube manifolds. The standard package is for a shingle roof installation and consists of two side rails, top and bottom support assembly. Additional brackets are offered as follow:

MS System: Standard Shingles roof fixing hardware
KS System: Fixing hardware for Mexican Tiles
FS System: Ground or Flat roof brackets


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VM 2-20
VM 2-30
Number of Tubes
Dimensions (W x L x D)
59" x 80" x 6 1/4"
87" x 80" x 6 1/4"
Weight (Empty)
135 lbs.
196 lbs.
Manifold's Capacity
0.12 US Gallons
0.18 US Gallons
3/4" NB
3/4" NB
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